May 23rd, 2014

Boys be boys

Got my work done, so now I'm officially a bum for the next 73 hours.....

or so. I thought I'd dust off the old cobwebs from the grey cells and go back to programing, designing a data base. Foiled again! Microsoft's Office Professional 2013's access won again. I have no idea of what their structure is in this module approach. so I started Works, and got it done within 10 minutes. go figure.
found my old statistic text books, and thought I might give them a slow go over. see if I can make better sense out of them.
I feel or smell school ( college) spirit creeping up on me again. oh no...
I woke up around 5AM and slept in till 9:30am, or tried to. Then while listening to our local radio station, got insulted with their obvious one sided non-sense.
oh well, stay away from politics till the actual election. Then think of Alice Cooper's song, "Elected". There, that should do the trick.
ok, time to wrestle with the garden hose and haul it up stairs. oh boy.
Hope you all have a SAFE and happy Memorial Day weekend. Remember what it is about.