May 18th, 2014

Godzilla 2014

Scooter the cat notices the difference in LJ

But, is it cat approved? Wait and see.
ok, I'm an idiot. I bough Gamera volume 2. four of the SMASH hit movies of the our flying turtle friend, Gamera, who for the whole world sounds like a wadded piece of plastic being stepped on and stretched out at the same time. I personally have nothing against turtles. I even compare my internet DSL speed to a herd of arthritic turtles going up hill. But a turtle with rocket blasts coming out of his rear leg openings?

I think somebody was hitting the sake a little too much one night when they were drawing the turtle. But kids seem to like him, at least in Japan and that's all that counts. Putting a smile on anybody now days is a major achievement.

I unplugged the charger from my lawn mower. I have an electric starting mower and it takes 24 hours to charge that baby. so now I'm set for the mowing season. oh boy.

I just heard that Sir Ridley Scott is indeed going on with filming Prometheus 2: Paradise. This should be interesting. I wonder what the plans of the engineers really are???
so, this is how I'll leave you guys till tomorrow.
I'm off.