May 17th, 2014

Godzilla 2014

Well, the LJ is brighter and bigger lettering.

I think that's an improvement. Trying to write black letters on a dark green background isn't the best way to start a morning out.
But here we are and I'm already charging the lawn mowers battery. So it ends...yes, no more shoveling snow till, well, next month? Now it rake, re-set the fence gate and rake some more. I hate to start the mowing season. here I was, comfortable seeing that only one out of 4 neighbors had actually mowed their lawn this season, when low and behold, I'm flooded by hearing lawn mowers chomping away at the grass. Nuts. I hate the first cut of the season. then it seems like every two or three weeks I have to do it. fun.

ok, here I go. I'm really off.