May 16th, 2014


Today is the BIG day for the big guy.

Godzilla opened yesterday and today, depending where you live. I'm experiencing another type of event date: the third anniversary of my best friends death. I see his family on Facebook all the time, and while its nice to see what they're all up to, it is hard not being able to actually visit with them. They're all over the country. Facebook provides a useful service after all.
as I type this, it is snowing up north in Michigan. It was 32 degrees this AM and yes, Sunday it got up to 82 degrees.
It's TGIF. To celebrate, I'm actually pulling on my computer programing hat and creating a data base, from scratch. It's fun! I remember how much fun it was to sit in front of a computer terminal and try the "throw mud at it till some sticks" method of programing. till, I learned to relax, sit in a comfy chair and think through what I actually wanted to accomplish. then presto, everything fell in place.
Thank you liberal arts degree from the Grand Valley State University.
ok, time to pack it in and get ready to "GO to the grocery store".

Off with me now. I hope you all have a great weekend.