May 13th, 2014

Godzilla 2014

Time to clean the closet.

Spring cleaning. This is that time of year ( season?) when mothers and wife's everywhere get excited and even joyous over the prospect of THROWING our treasure away. Being a confirmed pack rat, I even save empty utility bill envelopes. Beat that if you can. The down side to this is when there isn't any women around to poke me ( us) into cleaning once every 100 years or so. So, I can see the roll off dumpster being delivered in the near future. then the old vacuum cleaner starts up.
Why am I putting all this house cleaning junk in my LJ?? Because I want to include all of you in the yuckie work I will be doing.

Good news dept.

Godzilla opens up on the 15th. Yay Gojiro. Go get them boy!!! Is Godzilla a boy or girl??