May 9th, 2014

Godzilla 2014

Heavy Rain

I think that might be my next PS-3 game. I've only heard good things about it. Though, I wonder why would anybody buy any of these games, especially RPG's, and say they've played them through within two days? Wow, really? I played Elderscrolls Morrowind 3 for like 8 years on and off and still discovered many new areas and goals. Of course, all of these games are merely diversions from doing the real things I need to do, like mend the back porch, paint the front and rake up the yard. Yes, I still haven't done that due to either 40 degree weather or rain or me helping my neighbor rake her yard. I'm like that.

It's hard to believe we're approaching almost the half way point in May. I said almost. Mother Nature's clock, my neighbor's Maple tree, is right on time. It is May. The tree is a fast bloomer and it almost full of leaves. I miss my Butternut tree.
I have "Ryan's Daughter" coming. I haven't seen that film since T-Rex walked the plains.
oh, it is indeed, TGIF and also, Mother's Day on Sunday.

Don't forget the most important person in life does have a whole day dedicated to her.
Flowers are nice, but saying I love you Mom will do the trick. Then hit her up for that two layer chocolate cake, ( German cake of course).

Happy Mom's day.