April 24th, 2014


Interesting experience.

First, I discovered in re-installing my OS and Office, that Microsoft wouldn't accept the cd key???? What? I've only reinstalled the stuff twice in 3 years! Oh well, so here I go with that stupid regenerate a new key. I hope the Microsoft big shots have to do the same thing.
Then, fired up my outlook in office and discovered, AT & T wants you to change your password, without advanced notice!!
For a Wednesday, it was a great Tuesday.
Then my Cane shopping person came and I couldn't believe my eyes. psychedelic canes??? wow. and talk about Flimsy. The darn things looked for all the world like they were made from an erector set! The cheap kind.
So we ended up with no cane but a ream of paper from Office Max and my medicine from Walgreens.
ok, I guess it's not that bad. Got to see my Blackhawks. Yay us.