April 21st, 2014

Gojira L

Wow, Monday is here. See, that college education really paid off!

Now I should be planning on doing a whole lot of things. Right now, I'm waiting till I can walk without using a cane. @#$%$# Arthritis anyway. It will attack a joint and then, just to add insult to injury, cause a muscle spasm. Yay nature. So, limping larry chain over here is getting better, but the stupid drug I take for muscle spasm's cause me to fall asleep at any time. oh woe is me...woo woo woo, as Curly would say.
Hey, you guys can help me out if you can. "How many of you have actually read Bill O'Rilleys' books?"
I think there are "Killing Lincon, killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus". The guy has this thing about murdering I guess. I'm just wondering if it is worth my effort to actually pick one of his books up.
Ok, I'm off.