April 15th, 2014


I brough up the Laughing man icon.

This is for all those "politicized" weather forecasters who simply will not mention "GW". Last night, we had 2 to 3 inches of snow. It came down heavy at times and did cover everything. and yet, last night and today, they're staying away from saying anything about "GW" or climate change. I seem to remember that a scientist had the scientific method to use to discover truths. "What happen with that?" It would seem that the political agenda has taken center stage. Yay them. Now if they would only take a class in science, maybe that would open their eyes??

I am up in arms about this, because I remember how hard I had to work in designing experiments in psychology. They were a bear! but, when it was done right, you had verifiable data, results. Yay us.
I kept all my statistic textbooks, I actually read them now to see if my understanding of a method or principle has become clearer. A lot of times, it has.

ok, does anybody know of a good password generating, protecting, saving program?? Me neither.
I'm off.
well, wait one minute. I just bough the same size jeans, and guess what......I really need to wear a belt now. Yay. I've lost about one and a half pant size.
Now I'm really off.