April 11th, 2014

Boys be boys

So today, we go to confession....

quick, I need to do something really naughty...... or not. I guess, if I think about it long enough, I already have that dance card filled. So, the ground is still way too hard to do any meaningful raking. I'd probably hurt the grass more than help it.
Now, from the "Way cool dept". I ordered "Witchblade" and was almost finished watching it, when low and behold, I discovered a defective disc. Nuts. I contacted Amazon and presto, they scheduled a ups pick up and sent me a replacement shipment. Now this is too cool. within 48 hours, I'll be able to finish it. bad news, our temp is supposed to get to 70 degrees tomorrow. I really don't think I want to stay cooped up inside a house on a day like that. But, hey, I will eventually watch it.

Scooter the cat has made my bedding into Mount Saint scooter. If you look at my bed, once and a while, you'll see ears raising up. it must be nice to be a cat.
off I go.