March 24th, 2014


Snow and cold. I swear. this will be my last posting dealing with snow and sub-normal temps.

Basically, I'm sick of this arctic stuff. Send it over to Russia, maybe it will cool the heels of that jerk over there.
I've developed a taste for viewing my old anime films I saw 100 million years ago. you know, stuff like "Bio-Hunter", Vampire Hunter D" and "Twilight of the Dark Master". "Armatage" is a special case. I saw that one on WKBD out of Detroit Michigan at 3 in the morning. it was a time filling film for them, since they played 10 minutes of film to 10 minutes of ads. Channel 50 out of Detroit. what a channel. Bill Kennedy was the host of the "creature Feature" slot on Saturday afternoon. You had the opportunity to watch every "Godzilla" film ever made on his show. Highly edited, though. Now days, I don't think we have anything remotely like that. Thank goodness for Amazon and Roberts Anime corner store. Like wise, "The Rightstuf". if not for these stores, I would go nutty bozo.

Yes, your right, I didn't do anything with the newsletter yesterday. boo hiss. today is the day.

here, watch me go......

are you watching or just peeking??