March 23rd, 2014


I was just wondering if sending "Gort" over to Russia might straighten putin out???

How can such a beautiful looking day, be so COLD? we're about 24 degrees cooler than we should be at this time of year. LOL.
oh well. My neighbor called last night and offered to take me up to Walgreens. I thought it over and decided that I would, but just to look over vitamins. YES. the miracle pill. How about B- complex? I've had great success with that, but not every day. Same goes for vitamin C. with rose hips. Does wonders.
Fish oil caps are the only thing I won't take. yuckie poo!
I didn't watch Hockey last night. Yay me. I watched a rare and old anime called "Twilight of the dark master". I'm trying to watch old anime that I like a lot. good luck with finding those. I just purchased my first used dvd and held my breath while the dvd loaded. It was great! Now if I can find " Vampire Hunter D" and "Bio Hunter", I'll be happy. I gave up on "Parnoid agent" and "Blood +", they're gone.
ok, time to get to work on our club's Newsletter. Where have you heard this before?

be safe and have a great weekend.