March 12th, 2014


Well that was an adventure.....

I walked up to the avenue to get a haircut. I thought Indiana Jones had all the adventures. See the guy slip and slide on the sidewalk, see the 3 inches of water covering the ice and snow cover his shoes and get his socks wet. Hear the guy swearing when he walks by the Drug store only to find the whole north side of the building covered with ice. It's also on a slope, not sure way, unless they planed for water drainage. HA HA HA. Guess they didn't think about what happens to water at -3 degrees.
But, I did walk up aed get all beautiful and hansome. Gosh, I'm pretty!!!!!
note to self: break all mirrors in house.
Scooter the cat is sick. I think. not being a cat person, I just don't know. So I called his vet. over here, we actually have a House calls, where the vet makes house calls. this is a good thing. The really great thing is she is a professor of animal medicine. I've used her service for over 20 years. a good vet.

oh boy. the temp dropped from 49 degrees to 21 and it is still dropping. remember I mentioned all that water from yesterdays adventure?? if froze. and today just happens to be club meeting night and put the recycle and trash carts out. Yay me. now not only do I have to watch where I walk, I have to shovel too.
It's official. I'm so done with this winter.....bring on the robins.