March 9th, 2014

Green Mickey

So next week Monday, the 17th, is Saint Patricks day.

Now, everybody go out and turn green. Have a nice corn beef dinner with cabbage. yum. My mum used to get green beer. yuckie poo!
I never tried it. But every year, I watch "The Quiet Man". There's something so special about that movie. I now get to talk my friends wife into trying to cook corn beef. She has never cooked it before??? I told her I thought she must be a kitchen virgin. So, I'll try and get her to cook the irish dinner just for her tribe. ( there are about 8 in her family).

So this week is kind of like, waiting for the ice and snow to soften up enough so I can move it.
I also have work to do with our clubs Newsletter. If any of you wish to see what I'm talking about, go to and look under club library. Yay me. writing for club membership is difficult, at best. photographs help, but it's a newsletter, not a catalog. oh well. time to get nosey again. yet.

so, time to get going. Enjoy your Sunday and watch out for the snow and cold later this week. Did you really think spring would be this simple?