March 5th, 2014

Big O anim

"Dead Space". I've never heard anybody mention it, but I

see there's a collection of their animations. huh? so where's a young boy supposed to discover new anime's?? I have limited sources right now, Nick, Cartoon Network and Encore. Yes Encore. they first showed "Blue Seed" and "Bubblegum Crisis", both series.

I was watching NHK Tokyo for a few months, but they were showing all new stuff that we might or might not ever get over here in the states. There is, however, Amazon and google search. I'll guess I'll keep using them.
ok, off to get ashed. remember, that wonderful miracle event we call Daylight Savings Time starts this coming SUnday at 2AM. I'm going to stay awake to see if the DST clown comes down my chinney. This could be very entertaining, since I don't have a chinney.