March 2nd, 2014

Few Clowns short

Here we go again. 108 inches of far and.....

Here comes the next arctic blast. low tonight -4 . Even I am getting tired of shoveling this crap. I have no place to put it. I can't reach high enough to pile it anywhere.
Think, 80 degrees, sunny blue sky. Then go outside and watch my neighbor use his snow blower clear a path so the mail man can get in and I can get out. I have great neighbors.
Of course, you all know whats on the TV today? Hockey!! that's right. from noon till the cows come home. Better get the hay ready. they will probably be hungry. ( I'm thinking of things I need from the grocery store tomorrow- I'm thinking of F.O.O.D.)
I know, how about making a pot of soup! of course, the last time I looked, the store had sold out on all the bean soup mixes. Nuts. Lentil soup would really hit the spot on a 10 degree Sunday afternoon, and just a dash of Tiger hot sauce. Yum.
ok, no more food. time to do my bills.