March 1st, 2014


"Tiger and sunny?"

I do not see it listed. I've been watching "Kung Foo Panda" repeat episodes. ( for those who haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm talking about, I asked in yesterday's post about no good Saturday Cartoons on anymore. I got a suggestion- "Tiger and Sunny").

Well, here it is, Saturday and now my amusement is coming from watching Putin trying to act like it's 1954-1988. And this guy wants respect???? try a box of cracker jacks, cause your not building respect by bulling every other country around you!
So, now I get to watch and worry about that part of the world blowing up instead of checking out all the available toons that are on TV on Saturday morning. I should continual to make out my grocery list. I hate making out a grocery list. I never ever include stuff I really need. I only realize that when I'm hunting in the cupboards for stuff. and then do not find it.
I am going to keep the squirrels and cats and birds happy. They're number one on the list. ah, there's nothing like toting a 40 Lb bag of kitty litter up a ice and snow covered driveway. Yay me.
I've stalled enough. Time to turn on the, sigh, TV....