February 26th, 2014


a late night visitor....

No, not what you think. My pal brought over his 2 digital cameras with the photo's he took of our clubs Late Christmas dinner. Only, download cables for Canon cameras don't always fit Nokia cameras. He, we, found that out. after 15 minutes, he put in the right cable and presto, before you could say WOW, 325 photos downloaded. I only required 14. It seems, he never clears his camera's memory, just keeps adding more and more. I told him that was folly, since one day, he'll run out of run. We'll see what happens.

Today is the day the ground hog was telling us about. It is 10:34 AM and it is 8 degrees outside, and dropping. Our miracle forecaster's, have abandoned the "only over this weekend nonsense" and said we'll have this arctic crud till March 14 or so. Wow, low in the single digits, high in the low 20's YAY us. I love winter. maybe, just maybe, if we're really good boys and girls, we'll have winter all year long????

I'm going to put out the trash cart and then craw under the bed with the cat. Can I sleep till May?