February 22nd, 2014


That huge noise that woke up the cat and me...

was a huge family of Icicles that hung from the roofs edge. It ran from one end of the house to the rear! Nothing appears to have been broken, except the gate on the chain link fence. That, is laying in the back yard where it flew upon being hit or smashed by the ice. Thank goodness no body was standing near it when it let go. This happened about 5 weeks ago, but just the ice fell. Wow, what a winter!!!!!!
Ready for this Michiganders....the 60 day forecast has a high probability of temperatures 30 degrees BELOW normal. ok, thank goodness our congressmen tell us there is no such thing as global warming. wipes sweat away from my brow. Can you imagine what our weather pattern would be like.

Now, the suns out, fat, furry squirrel is eating his peanut butter Sandwich and the cat is sleeping at my feet. What more could a young boy want. HOLD THAT THOUGHT!

ok, time to start my Saturday stuff........ Have a warm, lazy weekend.