February 16th, 2014

Vidal two

snowing. yay us.

well, the weather people have a technical term for this. It's called "winter". Hey, thanks professor! I wish there were more honest discussions on what effects changing the biosphere will have, are having, on us.
So, it is Sunday and yes, I made coffee and read the Sunday paper. I mean, the ad-paper with the totally biased opinions. The comics are still good. I actually started liking Pickles. and Lu Ann kind of grows on me. Talk about the modern soap opera!
For some reason, I keep thinking about Johnny Carson, Jack Parr, Dave Galloway and Steve Allen. What, did I free up a whole peck of memories from the past? Time to get some more coffee and go to FaceBook and BLog. I finally found a useful use for the internet: communicating with folks I really like!