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February 11th, 2014

"On the good ship Loliipop"

It's amazing how the death of a depression age child star can bring back all sorts of warm fuzzy emotions. Shirley Temple Black passed away. I don't think I ever saw her films in theaters, but I've certainly seen oodles of them. I think I'll spend some time searching Amazon to see how many films are still available. Of course, our friends at Turner CLassic Movies should be showing most of them. They're great at that.
So we greet Tuesday wish a smile and a big warm blanket: it dropped to like 1 degrees this morning and tomorrow holds the same promise. I can beat that. I've got a warm cat to cuddle with. For some reason, he loved to be held and I think he actually wants me to pick him up and give him a grand tour of the house. We'll see.
The mailman used the new hole I punched into the snow bank. but he seems to wore out. I asked him if I could do this elsewhere to help him out and he said, " just about every street corner". I never gave that a thought, since I do not trust the snow removal habits of some of my neighbors. I should check out my other neighbor, you know, the one with 3 kids!
ok, time for coffee and oatmeal.

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