February 4th, 2014


"They're really going to make a Live Action film on...."

Ghost in the shell? I just read where DreamWorks has the rights and has a developer working on it. A live action on section 9???
I just can not imagine that. I read it in Robert's Anime corner store's weekly newsletter. ok.
That took my mind off the fact I had to pay the property taxes today. boo hoo. I could have used that money to buy oodles of toys and started to save for my trip to Japan. yay me! Here's an interesting tid-bit. Two years ago I priced what a round way trip and 7 days in a hotel would cost to go to Japan from here. $ 1595.00 and up, depending which hotel you stayed at. that was two years ago. I'm still checking the prices out as I type. I have decided that I would really like to visit Japan. Of all places in the world, Japan and her people seem to me to be the most fascinating. a culture over 6000 years old, and don't forget they're polite.
I digress. for now, I have SNOW to SHOVEL. working in a coal mine, going down down down...... words to a catchy tune!

ok, back to COL. he always does this when I'm typing at the computer.

you all be careful out there.