January 31st, 2014


I've just heard from my tax preparer ( up there). I'm all washed up!

Well, besides the 7 inches of snow we're getting later today, that was probably the worse news one could get. TGIF now has a new meaning: "Thanks Groucho idiot fake". ok, it doesn't sound right. But it's Friday. Nothing has to sound right on the beginning of the weekend. we've got the super bowl, ( naw, I'll miss that), hockey games, yup. maybe chicken soup?? I'm trying out new ideas in the kitchen, like making a patty made out of ground beef and putting it between two slices of bread. Do you think it will catch on? I'm thinking of calling it, "Patty-burger". I have what I call, silly Friday, before the weekend syndrome. Now all I need to do is to start giggling. oh no, I feel them coming on right now.