January 29th, 2014


So, I didn't finish "The Great American" novel. ( thats probably because I got scared 14 years ago.

Yes, I actually started writing a work of fiction. But got scared when the book seemed to take on a life of its own. I decided to let more talented and skillful writers compose, while I'll took a back seat. ( ok, I read a lot).
I remember it well. Siting in front of a IBM XT personal computer, with a 512 KB floppy drive, no hard drive. But that kind stopped when the characters wanted to do things I hadn't planed on them doing?

So, here I sit, thinking about all the talking going on over last night's State of the Union Address. All these negative comments and misdirected statements. Wow! I should know better than to listen to them. Almost like talk radio. this morning, one local show, if one can call what he does a show, asked people in one word, what they thought of last nights SOTU: one positive comment, and 99 negative! Where exactly did all this neurotic behavior come from? When did it start? These are the same folks who make laws for our country? "We're doomed!"

ok, garbage cart day and lets shovel out a place to put it. YAY.