January 28th, 2014


So, I couldn't really get out to do anything in "SNOWVIEW" Michigan.

I played Fallout 3. but, this time, I made my hero a Male. What a difference! Some people I saved others, the little 10 millimeter gun really works. but I still got lost in the stupid tunnels, caves and cat walks. oh well. Today, I'll try and plow some more snow. the plow trucks came by, like 1,000,000 times last night, going round and round and round my block till a Sherman tank couldn't make it up my drive way. yay. so now, armed with my trusty plastic shovel, will go out in -1 degree weather and probably make a complete ass of myself. ( as one gets older, this happens easier as the years go by)
So I'm still looking for a nice web creation program, like Dreamweaver, but not cost $495.00. Not an easy task by any means. Folks seem to want to program there web sites for their I-Phones and Smartphones. that's nice. what happens when they fall out of favore?? They didn't think that far did they.
ok, I'm off to that big snow bank blocking my drive.....