January 27th, 2014


Home made "Any soup".

I'm thinking of making "Any soup" during this arctic adventure. yes, its 7 degrees and dropping. I fed the squirrels their morning peanut butter sand witch and now am thinking how to occupy my afternoon. I don't like the "soaps", Judge Judy's court is dismissed ( as she and the others should be) so...What's an American boy to do?? ( No, not that. I grew out of that non-sense after we elected the last Republican president!) Why, invade the kitchen of course. ( or the drive way, but I prefer the warmth the stove gives off compared to the blistery -20 wind chill Mother nature has planed for us this week). So, with broth in hand, I start planning on what Delicacies I can come up with. "Creamed Liver with Broccoli?" or how about Chicken stock soup with celery and carrots and maybe some onions and garlic??
choices choices. What to do??
ok, enough non-sense, time to brave the weather and go out and clear a path for the Papa Johns Pizza delivery dude! oops, I let the scooter out of the bag!