January 23rd, 2014

Avalon Trolley

oh my. 8 degrees out right now.

I think I hurt something. I simply went outside to get the garbage cart, roll it back to the front porch and my nose and lungs started to feel froze. I've had the beginning of frost bite back when I went to college. I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile in the open area and the wind would come off Lake Michigan cold as all heck. One such trip, and my ear started paining me. it took a long time for the pain to go away.
Today was a warning. it is dangerous outside. especially if one has exposed skin, like my nose.
So I look at the extended forecast: hey, no sweat. we may have this till the middle of February. YAY us.
and I missed the opening ceremony of the Winter Sumo season. ( not sure exactly what they call it).
so, here I sit, or should I say, wrapped up in Scooter. He won't hold still long enough for me to properly lay him across my neck. That could be a good thing.

I'm having fun with 1. PS-3 and 2. my I-POD touché. so as far as the I-pod is concerned, what exactly is all the fuss about? what, cassette tapes weren't good enough for them????? I say, bring back the old standby, the 8-track. yes, now that's the ticket. instead of listing to music, we can spend all our time unwrapping tape from the Caspian .
back to calling "kitty, kitty."