January 21st, 2014

cute cat

ok, there, the cat jumped down.

I can't see the computer screen with "FUR" obstructing my view. Nice kitty. So, Monday is here and I have to look for a nice web creation program. My Front Page will not work on windows 7, as will a few other really useful programs. Bah hum bug! That gets to be expensive! I know hosting services offer their own programs, but I like to design the whole thing myself. Lets see, Dreamweaver is priced just a tad less than a new ROlls Royce. and it seems to be available only through the clouds. Wow, what a gimmick. Amazon dot com I trust, Adobe??? I'll still keep looking. I'm Procrastinating. I have to remove all the bedding so I can remove the mattress and see what went bang Saturday night. I saw Scooter the cat go under the bed last night and that scared me. So I'll see what got broken. sigh.....a mothers work is never done. and if mom aint here, I'm the only one left to do it....