January 19th, 2014

cute cat

Have you ever had one leg of your bed frame break......at 2AM!

Let me assure you, it will scare you and "Scooter the wonder cat" wide awake! This, after a wonderful day of doing the bedding, my laundry, getting bubble gum out of the carpet and even visiting with my neighbor. YAY me. I amaze myself at times. ( especially when I'm awake!). Watched the hockey game between the Kings and the Red Wings. I still can not believe they let that shot count. the question I have is, if the pluck had not made the net, would the ref had let it stay in play or called it out.
Then watched "Riddick". Either his movies are getting better ( they are) or I'm really getting into knowing this Riddick persona.
Today, we're headed for another round of arctic front moving in and then parked overhead. YAY us.
I have Sauerkraut and Kielbasas cooking in the slow cooker. Oh, the aroma. and especially on a cold winters day. yum.
back to being lazy on a Sunday, winters day.