January 16th, 2014


"Read or Die". Like I said before, the Japanese sure have funny names for

their anime. But this is another great one. Not very exposed over here, extra a brief run on Cartoon Network. I love it.

So Scooter and I are sawing the sheep jumping over the fence when "BANG". I thought the front porch fell down. I ( we) got up and investigated the scene. The 2014 telephone phonebook. well, the business listings anyway. Wow, are they ever smaller! I guess the proliferation of cell phones has really left its mark on just about everything. I know of no listing of cell phones, due to folks changing services so often, or at least every two years. Hence, no residential listings. think about that. how are you going to look up an address when making out Christmas cards? or send out invitations, if you do not have a listing of where people live? Use the white pages on the internet? LOL for $9.95 per month, if they can find it. No thanks. I guess this means we're all isolating ourselves from each other. Bad idea. We're really relying way too much on technology.
ok, scooter pushed me off the soap box and is meowing his comments. good thing I do not understand kitty.