January 15th, 2014

Paranoid 1

So here we are, on a cold Thursday.....Don't correct me, I know its Wednesday, just wishing it was

Thursday. Satoshi Kon's entire body of work! From Perfect Blue to Paranoid Agent, they all deserve viewing. Just try to find them. I was greatly saddened when I first heard of his passing. Tokyo Godfathers always brings a smile to my face and heart.

So here we are, just waiting for snow and all that other nasty stuff coming this way...again. I love winter. repeat as often as needed to feel good about this weather.

So it's an adventure in moving the garbage cart from the porch to the curb. no problem. your right. unless lake Michigan just ran over my driveway and sidewalk and froze. slick as 3 in 1 oil it is. should be fun. if anything I'll be to post it here. after I've vented my inner child's vocalizations. should be an interesting day. I finally got my best friend Bonnie, to realize that her Birthday is indeed, this month. Yesterday in fact. She thought it was on Valentines day.
ok, here I am, going to do the chores. yuck.
and scooter the cat sits on my bed behind me, cleaning his paws. not a care in the world....TO BE A CAT!