January 13th, 2014



a very involved and touching anime. especially at the very end. How true. We just never know who we're chatting with.
There, I'm done with my favorite anime icons, till I create some more.
So here I be, on Monday. YAY. I wait with baited expectations on the arrival of "Monday". What will it bring? more to the point, what will I bring to it. Sprinkling de-icer on the sidewalk and steps so Mr. Mailman has an easier walk. pet and snuggle with the cat ( this is an hourly, daily ritual, not just on Monday) and try to find my old ATT user name and password. They want to change everything from ATT to Yahoo. Now if only I could find a way to contact them. LOLOL. that's a good one that is.
How does a "Duck" beat up on a Red WIng? they did. oh well. we always have the Olympics.
ok, back to try and figuring out life. this could be an all day job!