January 8th, 2014


"Birdy Mighty"

So, what is with all this re-issuing of older titles. What a shame. There is nothing wrong or lacking with the Original episodes. Gosh, invest your money wisely. There's a whole peck of really good series that should be Released ( Sailor Moon comes to mind). The only problem I have with "Birdy Mighty" is the goofy music. I feel like I'm in a circus!

Well, another snow day for me. I did ok yesterday, yes, I know how many steps are on my front porch. Today, I have to clear a path to get the garbage cart out and a path so I can get to the club's meeting tonight. ah.... winter. Amazon sent me a note saying my order may be delayed due to weather problems. Are they kidding???? I'm surprised the mailman has made it without error.
ok, time to go. I can't put off this shoveling any longer. or can I. "Did any of you have a question or two for me now?" "Pleaseeeeee!!!!" Nuts.