January 7th, 2014

Inuyasha2 anim

our favorite dog boy-demon? Inuyasha.

I loved this series due to the colorful, developing relationship between our hero and a demon who is turning into a hero,. maybe.
But I got really bored when it became apparent the author had no idea how to bring closure to the story. The never ending story is right. But I think they deserve better. I never did see the end, is there one?? I didn't sleep very well. stupid icy cold temps and moving about cat kind of kept me awake for a while.
Hey, it's cold outside, yes, I'm going to try and shovel again. yesterday I fell down due to not knowing how to count the steps leading down to the ground ( it's four, not three) . Didn't get hurt due to falling on the softest snow I've felt in quite a while. and cold. wow, I looked and felt like frosty the snowman. tried to finish shoveling but got way too cold for me, not to mention that blasted wind chill. Good lord, like knife's stabbing your face and hands. ouch! When I went to bed last night, it had dropped to -7!
Hey, Seawasp, did you ever meet a character called "Uncle Leo" when playing "FALLOUT3?" I did. interesting.