January 6th, 2014


"Outlaw Star"

Yahoo! I loved that series! the cat girl who is ready to pounce at any moment. The timid young lad who is clueless about girls and of course, the great adventures they all have in their Red space ship, they named, "Outlaw Star".
I believe Wendee Lee directed this series, and what a great job she did. The icon picture I'm using is taken from the end credits. great music too.

well, it's about 7 degrees outside right now, at 10:40AM. and now, bring on the gusts of wind to drive down the wind chill. I just heard a very stupid man on the radio suggest that we're treating our kids like idiots because we won't let them go to school ( which are all closed along with the colleges over here) and stand outside waiting for the bus in weather with a wind chill of -39 degrees. Why, we're raising a bunch of weak knee liberals. "Thank God for child protective services!"