January 4th, 2014


On Todays meme, is "Bubblegum Crisis".

where ever do they get the name for these shows?? Bubble gum?? ok I guess. It's a good thing the series was much better than it's name.
I survived grocery shopping. I missed having a couple of electric carts go up my behind when I wasn't paying attention, but otherwise, it was kind of like hunt and peck. The store decided to change products from one side of the Gondola to the one across of it. fun and games. but today was difference. it seems everybody was thinking of cold snap ahead and they were stocking up. on food, yes, but also, kitty litter. How dare they! I think I'll write my congressman. that should scare them! another trip without finding cat litter. they were sold out. several shoppers also came by while I waited to see if I could try that yuckie clump junk. oh well. toilet training in my house for the scooter. Film at Sundance this spring!
well, time to see about spreading good cheer and de-icer: they did have that. funny, they constantly run out of kat litter but keep de-icer in stock???
enjoy the heat wave today.