January 3rd, 2014

Geneshalf all anim

You know, I think I'll start a meme, but this time, using icon's of my favorite anime!

Why not! Anime is something for everybody. Fun, adventure, comical situations and just plain fun to watch. Unfortunately the number of cable shows that carry anime has Dwindled to a mere couple of channels that only carry the most yuckie cartoons imaginable. Well, this is how I'm starting 2014 off. Ok, I'm also paying the bills. another yuckie poo. and lets not forget this is grocery day. ( right now, at 10:59AM, it is -4 degree's below zero- the worse is yet to come next Monday and Tuesday). I'm thinking the next week or two it would be nice to make "hot" dishes, like chili, meat and loaf ( don't ask!) and of course, everybody's favorite, SOUP! ( one should not talk or think about food just before going to the grocery store )
I tried to shovel snow yesterday, boy, talk about a wasted effort! one inch of snow on 4 inches of frozen water, that seemed to be modeled after the Rocky mountains! YAY US. We've got ourselves a good old fashioned winter. Boy Howdy!
( yes, I'm a total idiot today. ignore me, please!!!)