January 1st, 2014

Yogi pointing

2014 YAY US.

So, on the first day of the new year, I will 1. pick the winning lottery ticket number, 2. shovel the sidewalk and drive way, again....yet. 3. pretend to have a hangover, when in fact, I don't or 4. sit down and make out my utility bills and grocery list.

Grrrrrrr. you know which one is going to happen, don't you.
Nothing wrong with starting the new year on the right foot. But laying out on the sandy beach in pago pago holds a lot more fascination for me after looking at the extended forecast for "US" for the next 45 days. Nothing about 30 degrees.
See the doggie picture above? that's my second Samoyed pooch, Yogi. A wonder, but high Maintenance pooch. ( he required two to three walks daily, come rain, freezing rain, snow or other barking dogs). I love that breed of dog. they're demanding, but oh so well worth of all you do for them. Now how did I get on this dog track thing? Oh, the extended weather forecast for the month. They love this weather, as long as you remove the ice and snow from between their toes. Yes, I and other Samoyed lovers, actually remove snow and ice from between their toes. and other things too.

But I digress. I can hear "BILLS" calling my name. oh well.

From Scooter the cat, who is a wonderful cuddle mate by himself, and me, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" 2014, look out, here we come!