December 31st, 2013


Trying to think about next year is just like groucho over there.

It amazes me! Let's see, I've quit smoking, losing weight, not exercising as much as I would like. Hmmm, I've quit swearing at people, ( the ones I don't know already) I certainly do not watch "The Tonight Show", ( bring back the taped Johnny Carson episodes). ok, I will cut back on this non-sense with Comcast. No TV is worth $80.00 per month! Nuts. Same goes for the telephone company. Ok, I promise not to listen to Clear Channel broadcasting network ( Rush, Sean and knuckehead glenn ). I have oodles of time to plan ahead for next year.

I got a surprise last night: Fallout 3 ended! "What?" a game actually ends! I don't believe it. I sat and watched the credits roll for all the people involved in creating Fallout 3. This would certainly explain why it is so big and detailed. Now, on to Oblivion.
oh, just for the record, we're starting 2014 off with another massive artic front moving this way, except this time, the highs will only reach the higher single digits.

TO all of you, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and please be careful, I want to see and hear from you during next year.