December 21st, 2013


ah, tis the night before Christmas and all through the house....

nothing could be heard except scooter the cat chasing a pretend mouse! Yes, I got Scooter a toy mouse that was made in China. I'm re-thinking that one over. I decided, seeing how I don't have any money, to mail out Christmas cards. Yay me. all 15 of them. I hope they get there in time, but its the thought that counts. Isn't it??
Today is mushy Saturday BEFORE the big storm. isn't the 21th the winter Equinox ? Gosh it seems like it was just Labor day.
I'm getting old. Getting better part I'm not so sure about. ( you could ask Scooter the cat I'm sure it likes it that I'm too slow to prevent him from jumping onto my lap.
ok, brace yourselves. here comes the BIG one.