December 18th, 2013


Me thinks its time to change, update my icon library.

I keep adding to them, but never remove anything. so now, I have like 165 icons!!! wait a minute. am I trying to change an icon once per day for the whole year?? It would seem I need to add some to the library. Time to visit Robert's Anime Corner store and The Rihtstuf and see what is new.
seeing how Cartoon Network seems to have lost all sense of what it's supposed to be doing ( just look at their line up- egads..what ever they can get for a buck!)
oh well. Whatever happened to the "Power Puff Girls"? Mo Jo Jo JO???? come on. gee whiz.

oh well, here I slip and fall off my soap box. shovel out the drive way today so I can go get groceries tomorrow. ( we have a possible blizzard coming his way Sunday).