December 12th, 2013


Ho Ho HO

Yes, boys and girls, Old Saint Nick is coming to your house with oodles of Toys, like, Lego's, tinker toys, Erector sets and maybe, if you've been really good all year, a Lionel Train set! See, it was worth being good all year.

Well, that's kind of what I was told when I was a child. Now, I simply use my imagination in picking out something for that special person. Music for one. a Dvd collection for another. but with the exception of the music, most have moved on. so, my major decision is what to get the cat, scooter, for Christmas. a scratching post, toys that he can't destroy. that's a good one, ha ha ha.

for me, I think I have just about everything a person could want or need. and then some! I think having my friends stay around for a while longer would be the absolute best Christmas gift of all.