December 11th, 2013


see, the above icon? I was cute when I was

little. and look how I look now!!! ( use your imagination-I don't think I have a photo of me)
Well, another day gone by. Now I'm really another day older. I do feel older: my friend called me yesterday and his wife sang "Happy BIrthday" to me. Two hours later, she fell and shattered her right elbow and possibly her wrist. So he was at the hospital till like 7PM and they'll operate on her elbow this AM. What a day.
Snow snow and wow, temps only in the teens and lower twenties. Right through Christmas! So, I get to shovel snow right through next year. Yay me.

Wednesday is get the garbage out day. YAY again. Ah, there's nothing like scraping the bottom of a cat litter box, hauling garbage out to the cart and then rolling it through snow to the curb. Did I say "YAY" me??? I didn't think so. Here I go.