December 10th, 2013

Paranoid 1

Strange, it's my birthday today, and the one thing I keep thinking about, missing, is

Satosi Kon. ( sorry for the mis-spelling) Now here is an artist I can really get into. Hard work, thinking about his next/last project on his death bed. R.I.P. S.K. His work was once described as what would it be like if Alfred Hickcock and Walt Disney made a animation together. YES.

So, today I intend to stay inside, unless the sidewalk really needs shoveling ( it does), clean up Scooter roost so he can patrol the neighborhood safely from inside the house. Oh, I do have one problem I haven't worked through yet. What to do with Sardines in mustard sauce. I got two cans for a friend and I thought he said he liked mustard sauce. He didn't. it was oil. so...... get my napkin out.....