November 29th, 2013


Wow, so thats how one gains a "few" pounds at one meal!

But it was worth it. I think. We'll know for sure once my new pants gets here. I'm losing weight and my pant size is right between old size and a tad tight for new and vastly improved size.
oh well. Now, as for the shirts....Yes, when you lose weight, even ones shirts seem to reduce in size or fit.
Had to fight to get the garbage cart through the snow and parked on the curb. his is the first time I've moved such a large cart through snow. Being hard plastic, or whatever material they're using, it doesn't have much weight by itself. so it does slip and slide and even likes to flop over. But me, grab the lid so nothing spills out and ruins the beauty of freshly fallen snow.
This should be interesting. Wednesday night, they said we would get another artic blast by the middle of next week. now, a tropical 50 degrees with rain?? what a way to see November out and watch December, the national reindeer month, come in. stay tuned. and BE SAFE. Your important in the scheme of things.