November 22nd, 2013

cute cat

cheerful scooter! He jumps, he plays and at all hours......of the early morning!

But its good to see him back to normal. I also tried to switch him to a healthier cat food: it worked! He loves it. yay him and me.
It's Friday over here and I saw my very first snow flake of the year. You had to look real hard to see it, but it was there, and when it hit the ground, it did not melt. hmmmm. We're supposed to get this early taste of winter over the next 3 days, but I wonder.
This was a pretty good week. I got my computer back to normal, I received all of the photos from our burger thing. oops col
cute cat

ok, I can finish my post.

oops col means, "Oops, Cat on lap". I can't type with a furball on my lap. Now Bob over at Roberts Anime Corner store can do that, and does for each Friday news bullentine. I can't.
lets see, I have oodles to do and watching for the first winter snow fall of the year is number one. ha ha ha. oh boy. I tell you, if you folks had the weather people we do over here..... They refer to 1 1/2 inch of rain fall as "sprinkles" but oh if the wind gets higher than 10, look out! The sad thing is they've turned news reporting and weather forecasting into a drama presentation. Just tell the news, we don't really need the drama. There, now I'll fall off my soapbox. But it is silly at times.
I watched some good anime last night: wicked city and now am looking for twilight of the dark master. It's gone! oh well.

now go have a safe and great weekend.
Yes, I do remember what I was doing and where I was 50 years ago. I'll never forget that terrible time.