November 12th, 2013

Test Pattern

See the test pattern in my icon holder?

That's what Microsoft should use whenever they decided to stop manufacturing their products! They call it, their "SUNSET" versions. Last night, I got these funny little flags telling me there was an important download available. Ok, I'll bite. On November 11,2013, MS decided to offer Internet Explorer 11. They also attempted to download to everybody that had their download set to automatically download their patches. YAY me. My internet speed even trying to go to MS was reduced to the same speed as a herd of arthritic turtles trying to go uphill. I felt sorry for the turtles, not MS.

But "THOR", my computer, is up and running like it did when brand new. YAY me.
I've been expecting SNOW to fall and stay, but no go. nuts. maybe next week?
ok, back to trying to find a decent hockey game to watch.