November 4th, 2013


I'm alive and so is my neighbor...

I thought she might be in hospital yesterday, but she called and is better. SOunds a lot better. I'm waiting to hear from my other friends to see who else has this nasty bug. See, now that I'm getting better, I can 1. start putting the next newsletter together. 2. tell the club no, I'm not running for secretary and 3. cancel a whole mess of Comcast. 400 channels and only 3 interest me in the slightest! NHK Japan, in real time, Megahertze's World view and MSNBC. the rest they can scamble.
Getting ready to finally read those two books I bought last January. What a lazy lout I've become! I used to read every night. now, just instruction manuals. oh well. such is life and getting older. Maybe because I want to spend more time enjoying life?