October 31st, 2013

green plumkin

Wow, what a two days I've had.....

But first, a Very Happy Birthday to RACHEiMANIJA, who turned young today. May you have many many more joyous times.
Me, I'm trying to put my computer back together again. Something isn't working right. I just lost the entire Office 2013. yuck. back to work.
green plumkin

Wow, so that is/was the flu...

It hit me at 4:30AM. very violent. I had to change my shirt due to it being soaked through! I slept from about 5AM till Noon!
now the Recuperating begins. I didn't want to chance giving this to any of the trick or treat kids, so now I have 5 bags of candy ( trust me, there's not that many in each bag).

I hope 1. get well soon 2. my computer gets over whatever is causing this sloppy performance.