October 27th, 2013

Dog ears1anim

Warm Sunday, good day for a read.

So Scooter the cat wakes me up several times during the night. Seems his friends are roaming around on the front porch looking for some left over morsels that may have spilled out of the dish. I'm feeding several abandoned cats. I never knew pets were disposable items! I have two cats right now. I wish I could take them inside. They wish to be inside. Scooter might do damage to them. He is a fighter and just like his mom, doesn't know the term , back down.
I didn't put the roast on today. Something about dicing onions at 7AM that just didn't fit into todays mood. I went back to sleep. Now, on to deciding to mow or not to mow. that is the question. Maybe tomorrow. off I go.